Best Ring Security Cameras in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Those of you who are in the market for a new set of security cameras can find a wide range of both basic as well as smart camera options. And in case if you wish to get a smart security camera system, then the best Ring security camera present down below can be a great option thanks to the following features:

  • Resolution: If your security camera does not offer a clear enough image, then there is no point in installing one. Because of this, all Ring security cameras offer a 1080p FHD recording resolution for high image quality so that you can see everything later on.
  • Power Source: Before you can start using your Ring security cameras for monitoring your house and the area around it, you will also need to power it. Thus, apart from traditional plug-in and hardwired options, you can also find a few solar and battery-powered options for high versatility.
  • Ideal Environment: A lot of you would want to install security cameras both inside and outside your home for proper security in all places. Therefore, make sure to check the ideal environment of your Ring security cameras as some are only made for indoors usage, others are ideal for installing outdoors, and a few units can be installed in both if needed.

1. Ring Indoor Ring Security Camera

Apart from the usual high-end offerings from Ring, you can also find comparatively affordable security cameras that can be a great entry-level smart camera option.

The Ring Indoor Cam security camera comes at the 1st position of this list since it is the cheapest option stated here making it a great pick for buyers who are on a tight budget. Even at its entry-level price tag, you get a fairly high resolution of 1080p FHD.

Because this is a budget-oriented security camera, it is primarily made for indoors usage. Since you will be using it indoors, this security camera relies on plug-in power as its power source. Despite being an entry-level model, you still get a 1-year warranty.

  • Highly affordable security camera
  • Works with Alexa assistant
  • Offers two talking function
  • Cannot be used outdoors

2. Ring Stick Up Ring Security Camera

While it may not be the cheapest option out there, Ring also offers some fairly affordable security cameras that can be used outside without any issues.

Ring’s Stick Up Cam security camera comes at the 2nd position of this listicle as this is a great option in case you wish to install one outdoors but do not want to pay a premium for the same. Despite having a fairly compact form factor, you still get 1080p FHD recording with this security camera.

While this security camera is made for outdoors usage, it relies on plug-in power which might not be the most ideal option for everyone. Once you have installed it outdoors, you will be glad to enjoy features like two-way communication offered by it. To ensure that this camera stays functional even outdoors, it also includes a 1-year warranty.

  • Compact outdoors camera
  • Mount on flat surface or wall
  • High quality video feed
  • Plug-in power is not practical

3. Ring Floodlight Ring Security Camera

While not everyone might be able to afford high-end Ring security cameras, they certainly offer unique features making them handy for specific use case scenarios.

This Ring Floodlight security camera comes at the 3rd position of this article because it is one of the most unique and a highly versatile camera option. Just per the name, this 1080p FHD camera also comes with side-mounted floodlights for using outside your home.

Since you will be installing this security camera outdoors, it relies on hardwiring so that you can securely mount it. Some of its other unique features include things like siren alarm, two-way communication and even a motion activation option. Similar to other entry-level Ring cameras, this high-end one also offers a 1-year warranty.

  • Works as a floodlight as well
  • Handy motion activation feature
  • Great image quality over WiFi
  • Highly expensive Ring security camera

4. Ring Spotlight Ring Security Camera

If you do not want a large-sized light for the outdoors around your home but just want a basic one for lighting up the area in front of the camera, Ring has also got you covered for the same.

The Ring Spotlight Cam security camera can be a viable option if you wish to get a unit that is made for outdoors usage but still includes handy features. Starting with its recording options, you can record up to 1080p FHD video using this security camera.

One of the best things about this Ring camera is that it relies on battery power which eliminates the need for any wiring or power adapter. Other than having its spotlight at the front, you also get siren alarm and Alexa support in this camera for versatility. Being a Ring security camera, you can also expect to get a 1-year long warranty with it.

  • Inbuilt spotlight for illuminating video feed
  • Offers a siren alarm for security
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa smart assistant
  • Needs to be charged again and again

5. Ring Stick  Up Cam Solar Ring Security Camera

Those of you who are looking for a Ring security camera made for outdoors usage can go for solar options which do not require any wired power source without needing to be charged again and again.

Ring’s Stick Up Cam Solar security camera is one of the only few options that combines a solar panel and an inbuilt power as a power source for high reliability. Other than being ideal to be installed in any spot of your choice, this Ring security camera also supports a standard video resolution of 1080p FHD.

Although, since this camera has a separate solar panel unit, installing it in compact spaces is not viable. Since a solar panel uses sunlight for power, this camera is only ideal for outdoor usage. Both its solar panel and the security camera offer the standard Ring 1-year long warranty as well.

  • Requires no external power or charging
  • Perfect for outdoors usage
  • High image detail over WiFi
  • Not ideal for tight spaces

6. Ring Spotlight HD Ring Security Camera

We have yet another compact security camera from Ring that still manages to include an inbuilt light for proper vision even at night and to ensure that your camera properly records everything.

This Ring Spotlight Cam Mount security camera is another option to consider if you wish to get a camera for outdoor usage. Just like security cameras made by Ring for indoors usage, this outdoor unit also supports 1080p FHD video recording thanks to its WiFi connectivity.

Because you will be installing this security camera outdoors, its hardwired power source makes a lot of sense. You will also find a siren alarm and cloud backup option in this security camera alongside its spotlight at the front. Talking about the warranty, this Ring security camera is also backed by a 1-year warranty.

  • Highly affordable security camera
  • Works with Alexa assistant
  • Offers two talking function
  • Cannot be used outdoors

7. Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Ring Security Camera

At the final position of this listicle, there is yet another security camera from Ring that comes under its Spotlight lineup that ensures proper visibility and image quality at all times.

Unlike most other Ring security cameras, this one from Ring is ideal for both indoors and outdoors usage. As for its power source, it relies on plug-in power which is to be expected from an indoor unit. Thankfully, the video feed offered by it is still transmitted over WiFi.

Talking about the video feed, you can record at up to 1080p FHD resolution using this security camera. You can also find other handy features like a built-in spotlight, siren alarm, and two-way communication with this security camera from Ring. Similar to most other Ring cameras, this one also includes a 1-year warranty for decent longevity.

  • Ideal for both indoors and outdoors usage
  • Offers two-way communication support
  • Compact unit with an inbuilt spotlight
  • A bit on the expensive side

Buying Guide for the Best Ring Security Cameras

Whether you have a small apartment or a large mansion, keeping it secure and protected from intruders is highly important. Because of this, a lot of people like to have security cameras installed in their homes.

And those of you who are interested in getting smart ones, the best Ring security cameras present above can be a great above. Despite being from the same brand, all of these offer different features and specifications as explained earlier. And to help you differentiate between them even better, here is an extensive buying guide for the best Ring security cameras:


Whether you are buying a standard security camera or a smart one, making sure that the video footage offered by it is clear and sharp is highly important. For the same, you can simply check the resolution supported by your given security camera as a higher resolution will offer more detail in the image. Fortunately, all Ring security cameras offer an FHD 1080p resolution which should be ample for most users.

Power Source

As per with any other type of security camera, your Ring security camera also requires a power source before you can start using it for surveillance. Hence, make sure to check the available power source options with your Ring security camera. Some of the common power source options that you will find with a given Ring security camera includes plugin, hardwire, and even solar or battery-powered models which are certainly more versatile for the user.

Ideal Environment

If you wish to properly secure your home or office in terms of surveillance, then it is highly important to ensure that you have cameras installed in all places. This includes both outside areas as well as inside ones. Although, not all Ring security cameras can be installed in a given location of your choice. While some Ring cameras are only made for the indoors, others might be handy for outdoors. That being said, a few Ring security cameras do work for both indoors and outdoors environments making them highly versatile.

Smart Connectivity and Features

Those of you who are going with a Ring security camera over a traditional one are most likely interested in the smart connectivity and other features offered by them. Therefore, checking such smart features offered by your Ring camera model is also quite important. Starting with smart assistant connectivity, all of them work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home, and most other popular smart assistants for high versatility. Many Ring cameras also offer a two-way talking function which can be useful for baby monitoring as well as using to address people standing at your doorstep. Other handy features include cloud footage backup, inbuilt spotlights, smartphone companion app, and a few others.

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